As an investor in commercial real estate, ElmTree focuses on build-to-suit or newly constructed properties. We primarily focus on only the highest-quality industrial and office assets leased to investment grade companies.


ElmTree’s investment strategies and philosophies are guided by the fundamental premise that predictable cash flow and limited residual risk are the keys to creating asset value.

ElmTree’s investment philosophy focuses on the following key factors:

  • Sourcing off-market acquisition opportunities through industry relationships
  • Systematic underwriting including financial analysis, credit underwriting, mission critical research and market analysis
  • Methodical due diligence processes based on years of experience in the industry
  • Active management throughout the hold period

In an effort to achieve our objectives, we leverage deep relationships with investment grade, Fortune 500 companies and a nationwide network of corporate real estate professionals and developers to create attractive portfolios of net-lease properties.

Investment Criteria

Investment Principles

  • Seek to acquire high-quality, mission critical assets with secure long-term leases and strong residual value that feature modern design elements and proximity to transportation infrastructure
  • Focus on Class A assets in top submarkets that are appropriately sized for the market
  • Concentrate on defensive, low-risk assets with broad future appeal to institutional investors
  • Balance stability and growth by leveraging our understanding of corporate requirements and ability to maximize an asset’s potential
  • Maintain a strong focus on asset management and relationship-driven, sustainable management