Project Description

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / United States of America

Property Description:

The property, built in 2015, is a 225,617 SF industrial facility located on 15.88 acres in Kansas City, Missouri and leased to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and guaranteed by the United States of America. The property includes 63,173 SF of office space and 162,444 SF of warehouse space. During the construction process, ElmTree provided 100% of the capital, monitored construction on a monthly basis, and processed all construction draws.

Mission Critical Nature:

The intent of the new facility is to provide NOAA NWS (National Weather Service) with a durable facility that is able to remain operational during severe weather events. The facility will house the NOAA Logistics Recondition Center which repairs and provides quality assurance of new and reconditioned parts which are shipped to field organizations around the world. It is critical to the mission of the NWS operations as there is no redundancy for repair of parts and equipment used in field operations. NLSC (National Logistics Support Center) and NRC (National Reconditioning Center) are the sole providers of logistical and depot field support for a high volume of mission-critical NWS equipment. This facility is the only NOAA NLSC/NRC facility in the United States.